Nintendo Not Afraid of Sony's New Console…

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Nintendo_DefaultSorry about the lack of updates on Nintendo News as I promised.   I will post that up ASAP, but one of the news items is that Nintendo says they have some BIG things coming at E3 and that Sony and Microsoft should be afraid when I asked the NOA representative about Sony’s announcement regarding the PlayStation 4 and all the social aspects.  He did say that they are announcing a BRAND NEW Mario game aside from all the others they previously announced so look forward to that.  I wanted to push on the subject but others cut me off and changed the subject to it being Mario Galaxy 3 or the New Super Luigi Wii U expansion which the Nintendo rep said it is definitely not Mario Galaxy 3 and its a completely new game and not a expansion like Luigi Wii U.  I will have more information for you soon as I got back to work this past Friday and it has been crazy busy, also the Internet is out at my apartment since Thursday of last week -.-

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