J-Stars Victory VS Announcement Trailer!!!

Namco Bandai released a trailer yesterday for a game that will help them celebrate Weekly Jump’s 45th anniversary!!

They are creating a game called J-Stars Victory VS!!  I’ll have the trailer up on my channel in a little while but i do have an image for ya! I definitely would not leave you empty handed!

[UPDATE] THEY ARE UP and the videos are below and in the videos section! Also added the videos below for Super Stars and Ultimate Stars!  Also Subscribe to my youtube channel to get the latest videos!


I cannot wait for this game!  No release date or price yet as detailed on the website. I LOVED the Jump Super Stars and Ultimate Stars game on the DS and I was quite upset that I could not play them on my 3DS  T^T due to region locking for Ultimate Stars.  Super Stars you can still play but it only has like half the characters that Ultimate Stars has.  Anyways I will be sure to keep a sharp eye out for more info!

J-Stars Victory VS is a 4 person 3D fighting game from Namco Bandai that will feature some of your favorite characters from 45 years of Weekly Jump magazine!
J-Stars Victory VS
JUMP Super Stars Trailer
JUMP Ultimate Stars Trailer