Shadow Destiny WIP Pieces

Image 25 by SIIDesigns

Here is the latest update on the pieces!! Well the Montana Gold & Black gold spray paint has now ruined all of the pieces that I previously painted gold. No clue what happened but my previous kit using this gold provided amazing results…maybe i got bad cans…BUT i did find this other gold by browsing the craft section of Plaza Art…Krylon Short Cuts Gold Leaf!!…This stuff is sooo pretty when applied cause its not a gloss metallic but a much like a matte gold.

Anyways I ordered another RG Destiny Gundam kit as it would be have been even more expensive to order all the parts separately. Especially since the frame is also ruined…I am redoing ALL the parts in the new gold as well as the frame as I been testing out the gold on SD Banshee yellow pieces and other random pieces i had lying around. It coat the pieces thin but coats really well. So this paint will not break the frame as the Montana Gold did.