1/144 HG Gundam 00 Harute WIP

HaruteWIP - 01

HaruteWIP - 07 HaruteWIP - 06 HaruteWIP - 05 HaruteWIP - 04 HaruteWIP - 03 HaruteWIP - 02 HaruteWIP - 10 HaruteWIP - 14 HaruteWIP - 11 HaruteWIP - 17 HaruteWIP - 08 Harute WIP, a set on Flickr

Here is the start of my OOB build of Harute that I got for Christmas from my sister and her boyfriend. They also got me SkyGrasper but that will be much later as I want to do an ultra detailed look to it…anyways…let me know what you guys think so far.

Only sticker i am using is the shiny red for the cockpit the rest I am either hand painting or using gundam markers / metallic sharpies.

I don’t like how the backpack is pretty much just a ship attached to the Gundams back by a single peg. It would have been awesome in the show if they separated and then could fight separately. I generally do not like transforming robots if really the transformation does not have anything to it. Most boring transformation ever. I do like the kit though and I will more than likely display them separately as I like the look of the ship by itself.

Via Flickr:
HG 1/144 Gundam 00 Harute WIP