Recent Gundam-themed haul for Review

My recent Gundam haul with 2 kits i received for review.

I got the cool gunpla part remover from the Dengeki Hobby, haven’t tried it out yet but its cool :D My sister got the Heavyarms custom clear and it surprised me on how nice it looks put together for a kit that is under $10. I forgot HLJ shipped Strike Freedom to me since this went over 60 day limit and they automatically shipped it to me…took over a month.

The Gundam Breaker Starter Pack i received for review and the two kits should be done in like a week or so! I am going to be reviewing the game, the two kits it comes with (RX-78 and Zaku II) and the system itself. I will be doing an unboxing soon for this! ^x^

I will also have an unboxing of the Tallgeese III soon! :)

I will put up a WIP thread as I put up the parts of the reviews! Let me know if you have any questions regarding the Gundam Breaker Starter Kit! or the Tallgeese III! :D