Next Gundam 00 Real Grade Survey Results Survey for the Next Gundam 00 Real Grade!

This news is from the Japanese website and is translated via Google Translate. has the results of a survey that was either given or was taken from Gundam EXPO 2013 in September. Gundam Exia was the clear leader who had over 40 points and to be announced at Gunpla Expo in November. With this 00 Gundam came also as a clear choice for one of the next Real Grade kits.

00 Gundam, and the other suits from Season 2 were not part of the survey as this one was for Season 1 only.

Then the question was asked, “Now that Exia is coming out, which mobile suit from the 1st season of Gundam 00 you want turned into a Real Grade kit.” The article goes on to talk about the first and second place kits of the new survey of 4749 people.

The Gundam in first place of that survey is Gundam Virtue / Nadleeh with 31.14% of the votes. They actually do not mention Gundam Virtue a lot in the article, not as much as they do Nadleeh or Nadore as it appears in the article. This one I too would have also voted for as this would provide an excellent challenge to the engineers over at Bandai.

As it seems that this one would actually be one with removable armor as they reference Nadleeh and how it was special since it could purge all its armor of the Virtue to a much thinner and more agile suit that does not have as much fire power of Virtue but could use the trail system to connect directly to Veda.

This would merit a lot of Gunpla builders to buy at least two of them to display in both versions of the kit and it would be a first in Real grade form to have this capability. I for one would definitely get two so I can display them in both modes.

The second is Gundam Dynames with 26.41% of the votes. The article goes on to say how Dynames uses his shields and also haro to protect himself during sniping and being able to shoot from far away.

Dynames would be an amazing RG if they can get him into all the sniping positions he would use as well as the armor.

The last part of the article talks about two surveys taken to see what the favorite Gundam is. The first survey which was given one month before the broadcasting of the anime, and the most popular suits were in the the order of Dynames, Virtue, Exia, and Kyrios. The next survey, which was given after 3 months of broadcast, the order changed quite a bit. The order was Exia, Virtue + Nadleeh, Kyrios, Dynames.

It goes on to say that Virtue was popular to any Mecha fan because of the firepower he possessed, but people also loved Kyrios because he could transform. But really all these kits will be fantastic once they are all turned into RG.

It seems that they might be making the Real grades based on seasons and the popularity based on those seasons. So we can hopefully expect then all the main Gundams from 00 first as RG’s then they will move onto Season 2.

Remember…GunplaGamer broke the news first that Gundam Virtue / Nadleeh would be the next Real Grade Kit!.