Zoids Liger Zero Clear Armor Set Announcement!

1/72 HMM Liger Zero Clear Version

To celebrate the launch appeared in August 2014 of “New Century Zoids / ZERO Blu-lay BOX”, Clear is a feature of the kit up to “CAS (Changing Armour System)” in the “HMM ZOIDS Liger Zero” 3 models set adopting the molding emerged as Kotobukiya Shop Limited item! Reservation has been started.

Be included with the set Clear Ver Liger Zero Schneider dedicated unit, Jaeger unit, the Panzer unit. + Bit cloud-painted pilot figure in addition to clear Ver. Liger zero (body).

“Liger Zero CAS Set Clear Ver.”

The set include:
Liger Zero (body) Clear Ver.
Liger Zero Schneider dedicated unit clear Ver.
Liger Zero Jaeger-only unit clear Ver.
Liger Zero Panzer unit dedicated Clear Ver.
Bit cloud-painted pilot figure

Release Date: August will Sales Price 2014: 13,824 yen (tax included) Kotobukiya Shop Limited Edition