RG GN Strike Unicorn WIP Update

RG GN Strike Unicorn WIP 2 – Imgur Album

Ok, I did a lot this weekend and also didn’t really do much lol I fixed the V-fin, Made the GN Drive closer to the body so it will be more streamlined and not seeming like it was just placed there. I modified the legs by adding the two blue parts.

I am not sure how i feel about the one one on the thigh, but the back of the knee looks awesome.

Took a lot of pics of the V-fin at many different angles so everyone can see what it looks like. I also changed the psycho frame to blue, as that was the original plan. I am actually like the red more now since it does give it a punch of different color. But the blue does look more uniform.

I took a few pics of the chest in different configurations to see which one you guys like. The last two is the same picture but I just took out the ugly gold color since it is going to be gray when i paint it.

Myself I am liking the last one more, but i also like the second one. Let me know what you guys think!

I did pretty much finish the knees but there was some air holes in the putty so I had to patch those up before pics.

The head is finished though! Well its finished being worked on lol. Still needs to be primed and painted. I am shooting for this weekend to at least start it.

Anyways comments, questions and suggestions always welcome!