RG GN Strike Unicorn WIP Update 3

Real Grade GN Strike Unicorn

Work in Progress

I had a lot of pictures taken but really it can be all summed up with this one pic since I really just took pics of the the feet and legs and torso, this is just them put together lol XD

I worked on the feet (still WIP), the legs, 100% done (besides that little hole on the knee) :D Head is 95% done, (going to change the faceplate a little bit) Arms are around 50% done…shoulders are done as I cannot think of anything…lol. Also I used a color pop app on my phone to remove the colors I will not be using in the final color scheme. Still need to do some work on the back pack so it will stay up.

I think i will need to glue / putty some parts together and do some really creative masking on the parts to paint since some parts will need to be glued in order to hold the design I want. Also I think i need a needle nose tip for the mr white putty for small areas cause it is extremely messy… x3

What do you guys think?