New York Comic Con 2015 + Is Fast Pass a good thing?

Hey Guys, I am back from New York Comic Con 2015 and wow was it such an amazing, crowded and incredible show.   They started a new system with people and panels that is kind of like a “Fast Pass” that  they have at Walt Disney parks.    This allows you to get a wristband in the morning for the panels you want to go to and then come back later 35 minutes before the panel and have a guaranteed seat.

The thing is by the time that my group was able to get to the con, a lot of the wrist bands were gone as well as the line for other panels were really long.   You could also just wait without a wristband and maybe you can get in.   So we accepted we couldn’t get a seat so we just expressed the show floor.  We found some amazing things, lost each other a few times, and buy lots of awesome exclusives.

The thing is I see this fast pass as a good thing and a bad thing.  A lot of the experience at a Comic Convention is the show floor for exclusive merchandise, waiting hours in line for a panel about your favorite series to see exclusive news, and buying art from some amazing local / independent / professional artists.

When you wait in line, you might meet new life long friends and / or just find people that like the same things as you do.  You experience what con’s are and also allow you to relax after a few hours of walking around on the show floor.

I do get the reason behind the fast pass as it you just have to wait in line in the morning for the panels you want and then can go explore as much as you want and then come back later.  This does help people who could only get a one day pass due to the craziness that happened when the tickets went live to purchase.

I am just really of two minds about it, cause its good and bad for the convention as some experiences are lost but others are opened up.  What do you guys think? Lemme know in the comments below!.

A video shall be up soon of all the loot that I got at the con, and be updated in this post as well as in its own post.   Here is a gallery of all the images I took at New York Comic Con 2015!