Pokemon Sun and Moon Officially announced!

Pokemon Sun & Moon is now confirmed and will be released Worldwide, Holiday 2016!!   This was officially announced during the Pokemon Direct that happened 10am eastern time and showed off what makes Pokemon amazing and awesome.  Tsunekazu Ishihara (CEO and President of The Pokemon Company) went through and talked about the history of Pokemon from February 27th 1996 to today.   Here are some screenshots I took and edited from the direct showing off all the new features of Pokemon Sun and Moon!

Pokemon Sun and Moon Logo

The video didn’t contain a lot of information for the newest Pokemon game but the game is looking like a definite upgrade from X/Y/ORAS.  I am loving the look of the new Pokemon Center and Pikachu is getting a more modern look in the game as well!

Let’s hope he isn’t the only one to “speak” in the next game!

I for one hope we get my favorite feature back again in this new game, Pokemon traveling behind you! I always loved that in Pokemon Yellow and even more so in Pokemon SoulSilver :D

The president also mentioned that the recent virtual console releases, Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow are now compatible with Pokemon Bank!  So you can take your Pokemon from those games and transfer them over to any of the newest Pokemon games including Sun and Moon!

No other huge Pokemon news was announced in the direct, let me know in the comments what you think of the Direct which is below, or of the screenshots!

[youtube id=”4qBHfd2NtJs”]