Multiple 7-Eleven Gunpla kits heading to Japan!!

Once again Bandai and 7-Eleven are teaming up to bring exclusive colored 7-Eleven Gunpla to Japan!

Usually it is just one or two High Grade kit of the current series that is showing and then maybe a few popular kits with some 7-Eleven themed decals and parts.  Not this time! They really went all out and really it is just suprising they went this big.  They are releasing not one, not two, but FIVE themed 7-Eleven Gunpla kits.

Bandai has had that many exclusives before available at 7-Eleven, but I cannot remember when they did two PG model kits.

The exclusive kits are as follows:

PG 1/60 Gundam Astray Green Frame 7-Eleven Color Ver.
¥30,000 ($288 / $399SGD / €263 / $384CAD)

PG 1/60 Unicorn Gundam 7-Eleven Color Ver.
¥30,000 ($288 / $399SGD / €263 / $384CAD)

HG 1/144 Gundam Barbatos Gold Injection Color Ver.
¥1300 ($13 / $17SGD / €12 / $17CAD)

HG 1/144 Freedom Gundam REVIVE Gold Injection Color Ver.
¥2160 ($21 / $29SGD / €19 / $28CAD)

HGPG Petit Guy 7-Eleven Color Ver.
¥1080 ($10 / $15SGD / €9 / $14CAD)

I don’t remember they ever doing a Perfect Grade exclusive, let alone two of them.  They will be available at many of the stores located all over Japan from November 18th thru December 18th, prices listed are with tax.

Onward to the photos!

The PG’s themselves are great, the problem I have with the Unicorn is that at first glance I thought it was another High Grade and it really does look one.   The  pastel green psycho frame with sparkles in it does not make it look good.   I can see why they went with that green, cause really I saw that green and I think “Oh, this must be a new 7-Eleven exclusive” which is really what they were going for.


The one that really stands out is the PG Astray with that amazing metallic teal color that they put on.  Really well done.  The color on him is amazing and is definitely my favorite out of the five.

The gold on the High Grade kits isnt the best gold (really its the worst gold to use…); but they still look really nice and would be a good addition to anyones collection providing you get them around the MSRP.

The Petit-GGuys are adorable and will always be adorable, no matter the color scheme you put them in.   The model kits are always amazing and great for people who just want something cute to put on their desk.  These guys are also awesome canvases for custom work!

What do you guys think of the exclusive kits?  Will you try to get a few of them?  Let me know in the comments!!

Until next time guys,

Keep Building and Keep Playing.