Square Enix and Valve do a very interesting collaboration…

“Half-Life 3 When??”

So the official Final Fantasy XV twitter account posted some very interesting news yesterday in regards to Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition.  You will find the tweet embed below.

This is a very well-done troll done by both Valve and Square Enix as this is probably the closest thing we will ever see Gordon Freeman in 4K in a next-gen game engine.

From the tweet;

Players who purchase Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition on Steam before May 1st 2018 will be eligible to claim the Half Life Pack.  This pack contains items that let you wear Gordan Freeman’s legendary suit from Half-Life.

Available for both single player campain and Multiplayer Expansion: Comrades.


  • Equipment: HEV Suit
  • Equipment: Scientist Glasses
  • Equipment: Crowbar

This tweet did not stop those “Half-Life 3 When?” jokes from yet again popping up everywhere and the conspiracy theorists having a field day.

Is this a seemingly random collaboration or does this have a different meaning? I think this is just some fun Square Enix and Valve is having and has no other meaning. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!