Gundam Build Fighters Episode 14 Opening

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Gundam Build Fighters Pics, a set on Flickr.

Episode was so good!

Loving the random activities with Gunpla

The race was fun but also completely one sided lol They made the main characters in separate races so they will have most all the main characters in the tournament. I would’ve thought they would have put in the fighters with the same amount of points versus each other instead of them going against people they would obviously win against.

But I really want to know what the Presidents deal is with Reiji?!?

This is completely childish and seriously underhanded.

My guess that the Plavsky particles came from Airan and possibly the President stole the tech from Reiji’s family or something.

Custom Gunpla that we will hopefully be seeing soon…and then the Star Build Strike will destroy them in an epic battle.

I see…F91, Master Gundam, Full Armor Gundam, a Zeong custom, Miss Sazabi, Beginning Gundam and of course…Exia Dark Matter.