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S.H. Figurarts Sailor Saturn Announced

S.H. Figurarts Sailor Saturn This is one of the two characters that I liked in Sailor Moon.  Don’t know much about the series, just she always looked like a complete bad ass with her glaive. Preordered.

Hyper Dragon Ball Z trailer

Hyper Dragonball Z was a hit on arcades in the summer of 1999, with its timed unlocks and classical art direction, it was a hit and soon became a cult sensat… Simply amazing! Definitely check this out! :D

Gundam Build Fighters Episode 14 Opening

Gundam Build Fighters Pics, a set on Flickr. Episode was so good! Loving the random activities with Gunpla The race was fun but also completely one sided lol They made the main characters in separate races so they will have most all the main characters