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Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion

Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion comes out TODAY!

So if you missed Treehouse live yesterday, a bunch of news broke during the stream.  
One of them was that after the Splatoon 2 World Championships they announced that the Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion comes out today…or tomorrow.

Pokemon Quest

Pokemon Quest Announced and Available Right Now!

So while some of us were sleeping, Nintendo and the Pokemon Company decided to have a huge press conference about the newest Pokemon games!  

That’s right games with an ‘S’, PLURAL.     I will be covering all three games here on GunplaGamer as more information keeps rolling out.

top 5 unreleased switch

Top 5 Unreleased Switch Games You Should Keep an Eye on

Nintendo Switch no doubt has amazing games already released on it, but what if you have already played those or are looking for something new?   Here are my top 5 unrelesed Switcg games that you should keep an eye on that are not rumored games such as Pokemon Switch, Star Fox Grand Prix, or Borderlands 3.

Top 5 Nintendo Switch Games You Might Have Missed

Nintendo Switch has some amazing smaller games that might have been overshadowed by the big name games that were released in the past year. These 5 games below are ones that you might have missed that are either indie’s or small studio made games.

happy birthdays on switch banner

New Content for Happy Birthdays on Switch!

The Nintendo Switch version of Happy Birthdays is getting new and exclusive content!
The Switch version of the game will be getting new ways to play, exclusive creatures, monuments, and new starting biomes!

disgaea 5 complete delayed

Disgaea 5 Complete Delayed Until Summer!

Well PC gamers, it looks like you will have to wait a few more months to get your hands on Disgaea 5 Complete.   
I have received word that due to some game breaking bugs that they just found, they will have to delay it a few months.