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What? A New I Haz a Package Episode?!

A New I haz A Package haz arrived!! Let’s see what I got this time!! Please comment, like, share and subscribe to make sure you are kept up to date! Also you can support me at my Patreon page! There are a lot of


Frame Arms Girl Hresvelgr Unboxing

I unbox Kotobukiya Frame Arms Girl Hresvelgr! This one surprised me as I thought it was a figure! Ha! Let’s see what this cutie has in store for us!

The thumbnail photo is from DD on pixiv! go check them out!

Zoids Liger Zero Clear Armor Set Announcement!

1/72 HMM Liger Zero Clear Version To celebrate the launch appeared in August 2014 of “New Century Zoids / ZERO Blu-lay BOX”, Clear is a feature of the kit up to “CAS (Changing Armour System)” in the “HMM ZOIDS Liger Zero” 3 models set adopting