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Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition

30 minutes of Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition released for free last week on February 8th and the game is 730mb initial download and around 500mb extra space if you want to download all the chapters. Upon first boot, I thought this would be a great video for


What? A New I Haz a Package Episode?!

A New I haz A Package haz arrived!! Let’s see what I got this time!! Please comment, like, share and subscribe to make sure you are kept up to date! Also you can support me at my Patreon page! There are a lot of

New Gundam Breaker Official Trailer

BandaiNamco just announced a brand new entry in the Gundam Breaker series! It is called ‘New Gundam Breaker’! Check out the official webpage! Please comment, like,…

Let’s Review 8Bitdo SF30 PRO GAMEPAD

I check out 8bitdo’s latest game controller offering, the SF30 Pro Gamepad. This gamepad works with the Switch, PC, Mac, Android, iOS, and really almost anythign that accepts bluetooth game…


Live Build! Random HG from Backlog!

I pull a random 1/144 High Grade Gundam model kit from my backlog and build it live! Might not build the whole thing, but most of it! If you like what you see, Subscribe! Feel free to donate…