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Anime Bento May 2017

Anime Bento May 2017 Unboxing!!!

Thanks to a crazy thing with my PC they was delayed…I actually thought I put it up already…xD Let me know in the comments what you thought!! This box was provided by Anime Bento! Use the code KBAKP10 to get 10% off your subscription!


Dragon Momoko MG 1/100 DeathScythe Hell Unboxing

**sorry for the lack of editing…it wouldn’t export in either iMovie, After Effects or Premiere Pro. So I just uploaded the unedited version** Here is the unboxing of Dragon Momoko’s new kit! The MG 1/100 scale DeathScythe Hell! This kit is definitely an amazing version


I HAZ A PACKAGE! episode 9

Hey Guys! This arrived a few days earlier than I thought it would here is the video! Here is a link to my sales thread.… Let me know what you guys think of the figure in the comments below!

Did I just ruin my Switch??

I “unwrap” my Nintendo Switch from a console wrap that I decided to get cause I wanted a “one-of-a-kind” Nintendo Switch. Did this after the whole decal-gate issue had happened.  Did a lot of research and went with Sopiguard. I bought these skins completely with


Frame Arms Girl Hresvelgr Unboxing

I unbox Kotobukiya Frame Arms Girl Hresvelgr! This one surprised me as I thought it was a figure! Ha! Let’s see what this cutie has in store for us!

The thumbnail photo is from DD on pixiv! go check them out!


I haz a package episode…7?

I open a package that I received in the mail! Please comment, like, share and subscribe to make sure you are kept up to date! Also to find out more gaming and gunpla news, reviews, & live…

RG 1/144 Gundam Astray Amatsu Mina Unboxing

I unbox the Real Grade 1/144 Scale Gundam Astray Gold Frame Amatsu Mina!! This is a brand new kit that just released last week!!

I mean wow! I actually managed to get a video up in a good amount of time! XD :P lol.

Overwatch 1v1 Mystery Duels Ownage!

I Play some Overwatch 1v1 Mystery Duels and at times completely own my opponents! This is being run on Windows 10 on Paralles for Mac! — Watch live at

Iron Factory EX-16A Alleria Review

I unbox and review the figure that comes with EX-14 Ultimate Commander, Iron Factory’s EX-16A Alleria!! The only way to get her is with EX-14 Ultimate Commander! Click below to check out…

Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm UltraWide Stream Test!

I test out the stream quality of my Ultrawide by playing an AI teammate match of Heroes of the Storm.
There is no sound since Mac doesn’t allow OBS to capture it natively.  Noticed this after I finished the stream…


This is what I got from my Secret Santa of r/Gunpla!!! Thank you soooo much u/Kensousuke!!!! :D These are amazing gifts!!!! I wish everyone to have an amazing holiday!!

Overwatch Free Weekend Stream!

I own and operate the GunplaGamer website! I am a Reviewer of Video Games, Gunpla, Transformers and interesting tech! I also post news of them as well! I will be posting videos soon regarding…