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Anime Bento May 2017

Anime Bento May 2017 Unboxing!!!

Thanks to a crazy thing with my PC they was delayed…I actually thought I put it up already…xD Let me know in the comments what you thought!! This box was provided by Anime Bento! Use the code KBAKP10 to get 10% off your subscription!


Dragon Momoko MG 1/100 DeathScythe Hell Unboxing

**sorry for the lack of editing…it wouldn’t export in either iMovie, After Effects or Premiere Pro. So I just uploaded the unedited version** Here is the unboxing of Dragon Momoko’s new kit! The MG 1/100 scale DeathScythe Hell! This kit is definitely an amazing version


I HAZ A PACKAGE! episode 9

Hey Guys! This arrived a few days earlier than I thought it would here is the video! Here is a link to my sales thread.… Let me know what you guys think of the figure in the comments below!

Did I just ruin my Switch??

I “unwrap” my Nintendo Switch from a console wrap that I decided to get cause I wanted a “one-of-a-kind” Nintendo Switch. Did this after the whole decal-gate issue had happened.  Did a lot of research and went with Sopiguard. I bought these skins completely with


Frame Arms Girl Hresvelgr Unboxing

  I unbox Kotobukiya Frame Arms Girl Hresvelgr! This one surprised me as I thought it was a figure! Ha! Let’s see what this cutie has in store for us! The thumbnail photo is from DD on pixiv! go check them out! (possible NSFW)


I haz a package episode…7?

I open a package that I received in the mail! Please comment, like, share and subscribe to make sure you are kept up to date! Also to find out more gaming and gunpla news, reviews, & live…

Overwatch 1v1 Mystery Duels Ownage!

I Play some Overwatch 1v1 Mystery Duels and at times completely own my opponents! This is being run on Windows 10 on Paralles for Mac! — Watch live at

Iron Factory EX-16A Alleria Review

I unbox and review the figure that comes with EX-14 Ultimate Commander, Iron Factory’s EX-16A Alleria!! The only way to get her is with EX-14 Ultimate Commander! Click below to check out…


This is what I got from my Secret Santa of r/Gunpla!!! Thank you soooo much u/Kensousuke!!!! :D These are amazing gifts!!!! I wish everyone to have an amazing holiday!!

Overwatch Free Weekend Stream!

I own and operate the GunplaGamer website! I am a Reviewer of Video Games, Gunpla, Transformers and interesting tech! I also post news of them as well! I will be posting videos soon regarding…