GenteiKits Update! FFX HD Update!

For those of you who ordered the RG “White Unicorn” Zeta 3 Gundam from GenteiKits…the first batch arrived!  There is no telling if your order was placed for the first or second batch…so please wait patiently!  Thanks!  I hope i was one of them!
Check out more pics and FFX HD Update!
In the latest issue of Shonen Jump they revealed that the PlayStation 3 version of the HD remake of Final Fantasy X will also include Final Fantasy X-2!!  The Vita version however the games will be sold separately.    There is no word on how crossbuy will work now regarding each game or if it was even planned.  What could happen is that if you could buy the PS3 version and just get FFX for free then have to buy FFX-2 seperately.   I personally never played X-2, maybe this could be my chance, as I am definitely getting it for the PS3 or the Vita, depending if its crossbuy or not.  The game is looking amazing so far…so I can’t wait!  Oh and they said they are still on track to release this year.  Keep it here for all your gunpla & gaming news!
Image from Shonen Jump
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