Dragons Crown Pro PS4 Review

Dragons Crown Pro is already an amazing game when it was first released on the PS3 and the PSVita systems back in 2013. Gorgeous storybook visuals, amazing soundtrack, and gameplay that never gets old.

Everything that you loved from the original release is back and is thoughtfully and lovingly recreated in 4K.   I originally played the game on my PSVita so the jump to 4K and a PS4 Pro is a strong leap in performance and how the game looks.

The game was remastered by Vanillaware, the original developers of the game and published by Atlus.

I never reviewed the original game but I did enjoy it immensely and if I did not receive this game for review, I would have bought it again.  What is great is that a recent update for the original game, allows everyone to play with each other, regardless of what Sony platform they are on.  PSVita to PS4 Pro, you can play local or online coop.

Another new feature is that you can bring your save file from the original game over to this one if you so desire.

Although it looks to be a proprietary upload and download system.  So if you do not have the system you originally had the game for along with the game, you will not be able to transfer your save.

I originally had my save uploaded to the cloud a long while ago before I traded it in, and was glad that I might be able to pick up where I left off. Sadly that was not the case.

Fortunately,  this game is just as amazing and was happy to start over, this time in coop with my Wife.  The one thing that I had trouble with the game was I sometimes lost track of my character with all four characters on the screen.  My wife who is a gamer, but not as seasoned as I am, had even more trouble.

Another fact is that when playing co-op, everyone has to do their own management.  Like when accepting a quest and a friend or SO is in your group, the party leader accepting a quest should accept it for everyone; not just themselves.

All the cast of characters you loved from the first game are still here with all the amazing voice acting as well!

This game is definitely one to pick up yet again and hopefully, they give Grim Grimoire and Muramasa the same treatment in the future.

This amazing game came out on May 15th on PS4 for $49.99.

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