Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory Review

Fallen Legion Rise to Glory is a game where you command either Cecile or Legatus Laendur.  To command exemplars, you press Y, A, or B buttons to attack.

Exemplars are your warriors that you summon in the game to do battle with you.  They are your front lines to keep you from getting attacked.  You also have moves of your own, One magic attack, One healing spell and one raise spell.

In each battle, you can perfectly block any attack, but to do so requires timing. An enemy would have a tell when to perform a perfect block, but some do not let this easily known.   Also, the window to do a perfect block is extremely small, so when you get one, it feels amazing.

On each of your Exemplars, you have equipped one deathblow.   A seemingly powerful move that gets triggered when you reach a certain space on the combo bar.

The story is one of a King passing, and his daughter unwilling to take up the throne, but also unwilling of her country to waste unto a mere shadow of what it once was.

There are also choices that you must make between each battle on how the kingdom will be shaped and handled.  This will then also heal your characters by a random amount.  Also, you might receive bonuses for your characters or negative effects for your country depending on your choices.

You traverse the world map of the game much like Final Fantasy Tactics or Super Mario Bros 3.  Being on the world map also allows you to save your game, manage your exemplars, view lore of the game in the collection, change the settings of the game or change which gemstones are equipped.

Gemstones allow you to buff your characters in battle or add actions to the combo bar.

This game may look like an RPG button mash of cross, A, and B buttons, but further into the game, there is a lot riding you using L button to get a Perfect Block or ZR to use a link attack.

Perfect Block is 100% needed in some boss fights or you will notice your Exemplars health being reduced 25 to 50 percent health.  The indicator that shows you can do a perfect block is a small white glow right before an enemy attack, is either show and goes away quickly or stays around. You need to press L right hone its shown or else you will not achieve the Perfect Block.

In the Nintendo Switch version you can use the video capture to record the last thirty second of gameplay, New story branches, levels and new hard boss fights, new Japanese voice-overs, additional Playable characters and remixed battles when playing New Game+ or One Life mode.

Also, all characters unlocked in one campaign will be unlocked in the other.

Overall, this game can be quite hard, but it has me keep coming back for more.    I am enjoying the story, the gameplay mechanics, as well as the artwork of the game.

8.0 / Good Game