Penny-Punching Princess Review in Progress

Due to some unforeseen personal circumstances (one of them is dealing with a Switch issue) I was unable to finish the game for review for release.

The game starts out as a narrator explaining that the days of violence and of “a brave hero riding on his trusty steed to vanquish the evil who has conquered the land” are over.   A time of peace was ushered into the land for a time. Then came a time of capitalism, where if you had enough money, you could do anything.

We then learn that the King of the previous era got into trouble with the stock market and lost all his money and worldly possessions to a Dragon mob family.

We never are actually told what actually happened to him, only that he isn’t around anymore. He left his daughter (played by you) behind with her beetle butler who can talk, quite eloquently, I might add.

She rarely talks so far in the game, with the butler essentially doing all the exposition, color commentary, and tutorials in the game.
There is voice acting in the game but from my experience so far the narrator is the only one who talks. You can switch it between English or Japanese audio tho. Either is actually quite well done.

The game is surprisingly deep. The whole premise is from what I can gather is that you travel different areas punching your way through. Gathering money to restore your kingdom to its former glory.

Some of the enemies are tough but that is when your trusty calculator comes in!! (Yes, I said calculator).

You can bribe enemies, objects and hazards to bring back to your castle to start rebuilding your kingdom!

Bribing just doesn’t bring the enemies back to freeload off of you, you put them to work! The many enemies and things you bring back are what is needed to get more skills and better armor!

I am at the end of the first Chapter and having Trouble beating the boss.

But the game seems surprisingly deep and quite different from my first impressions. I will keep you guys updated every week until I finish the game.

So far though I’d say if you are looking for a quirky game that has a lot of NIS charm, definitely pick this one up.