Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood, Manga Style!

Thanks to Nvidia’s new feature that they roled out in GeForce Experience 3.12, gamers can completely change how certain games look.   You can apply any to all of 15 filters with 38 different settings.  I have been playing around with this since it launched and have created some amazing presets inside my game of choice, Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood.

Below are some before and after shots of two different presets that I made. The resolution of the screenshots below vary between 2560×1080, 3620×1527, and 5120×2160.

I was then speaking with friends in Discord about making a Ghibli preset with more prounced outlines, much like a cell shaded look of Ni No Kuni.  The converation moved over to manga style and proceded to work on that.   After a few days, I came up with what you see below.

I have a lot more screenshots but they are quite big, so I put them up mostly on IMGUR.  You can see them in the album below.

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood Done in NVIDIA Freestyle

The preset actually works quite well in normal play. You can all of the text, game runs at 60FPS and realylsaw no hiccup.  I actually recorded a video showing off the preset.  Unfortunately,  my video editor did not like the ultrawide HD resolution that I recorded the game in, so its cropped on both sides.   I tried to get the best quality video I could but that meant saving it as a ProRes video.  It ended up being around 11GB(!!!), so had to uploaded to YouTube, and then the quality was downgraded again. Anyways enjoy the video and my commentary!

I also used Stormshade to get this exact look. You can get that here.

Manga Style preset settings. You will need order these from top to bottom: SpecialFX, Details, Depth of Field, Exposure, Contrast, Sepia.  The last picture is from Stormshade.

Until next time,  Keep Building, Keep Playing.