Let’s Customize FFXIV Stormblood with NVIDIA Freestyle

About two weeks ago I streamed myself customizing Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood using NVIDIA Freestyle after I got such attention from my previous post, Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood, Manga Style!

UPDATE:  NVIDIA GeForce Experience version 3.13 has a bug where Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood says it is not supported.  It is still supported and they are working on the issue.

UPDATE 2:  The bug is fixed by doing a custom reinstall of your Nvidia Graphics drivers.  You need to check the box on the bottom to do a clean install.

I go through customizing Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood with NVIDIA Freestyle, as well with Stormshade.   Explaining the presets and shaders that allow you to do some amazing things to how the game particularly looks.

Stormshade is a customized version of Reshade that is made specifically for Final Fantasy XIV.  You can also use the normal version of Reshade as well to get the same results.

Pascal Gilcher, who is the person who is responsible for the creation of many of the shaders that we use in ReShade,  actually got invited by NVIDIA to contribute to Freestyle.   So we can definitely expect some amazing things to come from NVIDIA Freestyle.   You can check out Pascal’s Patreon here, where you can get exclusive early access to shaders he creates.

Here is an image of the exact post:


Just want to say a job well done and congratulations to Pascal.

You can check out the video below as I go through FFXIV using NVIDIA Freestyle!  Also to use NVIDIA Freestyle, you need to have the both the latest video driver and the GeForce Experience version 3.12 or newer.


Some new images from my customizations

What do you think? Do you use either of these? Let me know in the comments!