New Content for Happy Birthdays on Switch!

The Nintendo Switch version of Happy Birthdays is getting new and exclusive content!

The Switch version of the game will be getting new ways to play, exclusive creatures, monuments, and new starting biomes!

All in-game items have been replaced with a skill system that rewards creating the world in your image as well as capturing creatures.   You will then generate starts which you can use to activate skills that affect the terrain, temperature, moisture levels, and lots more!

You now have a choice of 3 new biomes + the included ones!  The new ones you can now choose from are a bone-dry desert, a lush and beautiful grassland or a frigid frozen tundra with lots of water.


Exclusive Creatures:
Gaea Drakonis, Ouranos Drakonis, and Hydor Drakonis are three mighty (adorable) elemental dragons that only appear when conditions in your world are just right!


Stars generated through gameplay can also be spent to place Monuments—cosmetic decorations that were DLC in the original game. More Monuments become available to the player as they fulfill certain in-game achievements.

Happy Birthdays comes out June 5th, 2018!