New Gundam Breaker Trailer! God Eater PSVita Edition!


This video shows off even more customization options that you can do in the game!  It is coming out summer 2013, for both PlayStation 3 and PSVita!  Hopefully with cross-play! Quite possibly as this is the first Gundam game for the Vita they might come out with a limited edition Vita!   This is just rumors and speculation at the moment but they are coming out with several limited edition Vita’s this year so I am thinking they are as well for this!

No pre-orders are available for Gundam Breaker at this time but be sure I will post the info as soon as I here anything so check back often!

The other limited edition Vita’s that are coming out this year are the Red Soul Sacrifice Vita with a graphic on the back and the Ice Silver Phantasy Star Online 2 bundle.






As well as an Ice Silver PSVita for the release of Phantasy Star 2 Online.  Which looks awesome and I will definitely be picking it up once it hits the US (hopefully but likely as the PC Version is coming soon)

What do you guys think of the Gundam Breaker promo video?  What about the new exclusive Vita’s available only in Japan?  Let me know in the comments below!!

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