Nintendo has 4 New Limited 2DS XL’s and the Switch has None.

Nintendo is still going strong with their 2DS XL consoles.  They just released the GameStop exclusive Hylian Shield version a few days ago.  They then announced 3 more 2DS XL variants for the UK and Japan.

Two of them are for games that are 6-7 years and another is for Minecraft which was released on 3DS last year.  The two older games are Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Mario Kart 7.   Pictures of these consoles are below.       Each console comes with a preloaded version of its respective game.  The Animal Crossing 2DS XL will be available later this month on July 19th in Japan and July 20th in the UK for ¥15,980.  The UK price was not available at the time of writing.

The Minecraft and Mario Kart 7 consoles are exclusive to Japan only which is a little weird.  The Minecraft 2DS XL will be available in Japan for ¥16,980 on August 2nd, whereas the Mario Kart 7 variant will be available the same day as the Animal Crossing version for ¥15,980.

I would think the Minecraft version would sell immensely well here and in the UK but its obviously up to Nintendo to decide.   I believe this is the first time a Nintendo console has one of their games as a console variant.  Congratulations Microsoft!

This could be telling of a whole new partnership between the two gaming powerhouses.  They have collaborated on Twitter, in trailers and commercials, now a console variant.  Hopefully, Nintendo takes some pointers of Microsoft’s amazing online service.

My question is tho, “Nintendo, your console has been out for over a year, Where are the limited editions?”.  I do not mean the versions that were only available for contests. The Wolfenstein 2 Switch, The Nintendo LABO Switch do not count as they are not available to the public.   They did release the Monster Hunter Double Cross limited edition but that is only available in Japan.2DS XL

I would love to see consoles that are different colors or have different designs.  Another option would be to get official throwback Switches that are translucent like old Game Boy or Game Boy Advance consoles.

I have come up with many different designs for custom consoles as well as some other designers as well.  Currently, I am using clear replacement shells that I got off of Amazon and replaced the shells myself. I also have a clear back so I added a vinyl decal to the inside of it.

Here is also an idea; Nintendo, open the custom Switch creator you have on your Japan website to the world and then add the ability to choose a colored back, front and bezel.  This will allow everyone to have their own custom Switch and have crazy color choices with the included joy-cons.  Charge an extra $50 to do this, or have a surcharge of $20 for each part.  Maybe have the ability to add some of your franchise characters to the back of the console.

What do you guys think of the new 2DS XL consoles?  Are you picking one up?  What about the lack of limited Switch consoles, or official custom consoles?   Let me know below!

You can preorder the consoles below!

New Nintendo 2DS LL Animal Crossing: New Leaf amiibo+ Pack

Minecraft New Nintendo 2DS LL Creeper Edition

New Nintendo 2DS LL Mario Kart 7 Pack