Super Smash Bros Switch will be at E3!

Super Smash Bros Switch is going to be on display at E3 2018!

That isn’t the only news, there will be a Super Smash Bros Invitational along with the Splatoon 2 World Championships!  The event is going to take place June 11th and 12 in Los Angeles, CA.

As this is an invitational, some of the best players in the world will be invited by Nintendo to compete.  They will then be some of the first people to actually get a feel for the game in its current state.   The number of players or who is actually invited remains a mystery.

The fact that there is a tournament, means that the game is quite far into its development.   Yes, the initial trailer did say 2018, but myself along with a few others, though when they said 2018, they meant late 2018.

This announcement comes via the Switch Console News tab.

Both competitions will be live streamed on Nintendo’s official channels, so no one will be any of the high levels of play!

They also released a video with the announcement!