Possessed Vita

This is my girlfriend’s Vita that was going crazy and thinking someone was using it. It was happening on my Vita 1000 as well (not on my 2000) but no where near this bad.

This started happening when we both updated to firmware 3.10.  We both then saw firmware update 3.12 was out so we updated to 3.12 and mine seems to be fine and her’s did as well.

She started playing Destiny Spirits again and it started happening. She turned it off then on and then started playing Conception II demo. Same thing. Then I turned it off and on and gave her my Vita to play while i looked at hers.  I turned it off and on and then recorded it on my phone.  The above Vita has firmware 3.12.

Oh and it was going on for a lot longer than this video. But i just shut it off in fear of breaking it.