New Gameplay Trailers for SD Gundam G Generations Genesis!

A lot of new trailers have been released for the next Gundam game to be released on PS4 and PSVita!! SD Gundam G Generations Genesis!!

SD Gundam G Generation Genesis will launch for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita on November 22nd in Japan and Asia!! The Asian release will be available completely in english!!

The G Generation series consists of two types of games—the “Relive the Original Works” types (SD Gundam G Generation, SD Gundam G Generation-F, SD Gundam G Generation Spirits G-Spirits) and the “Break” types which feature cross-overs between the successive generations (SD Gundam G Generation Wars, SD Gundam G Generation World, SD Gundam Generation Overworld). The “About” page on the official website confirms SD Gundam G Generation Genesis is part of the former branch.

Check out the awesome trailers below and then Click here to preorder your english PS4 or PSVita copy!!

Enjoy the amazing trailers!!


Thanks for watching, and remember, Keep Building and Keep Playing.