New Images of RG Build Strike Gundam from C3 Tokyo 2016!!

Thanks to GToys, we have the latest images of Bandai’s newest Real Grade kit,  the Build Strike Gundam Full Package!

This kit was originally unveiled at Gunpa Expo Japan 2016 in early August, and I always wondered why we didn’t get an RG of Build Strike Gundam when Gundam Build Fighters was on TV in Japan.  I would think that it would have been an easy conversion of the real grade Aile Strike Gundam kit that was released previously.

Gundam Build Fighters was a really good show and it really made my creativity for modifying my own gunpla really come out and the MG Star Build Strike was my favorite out of all the kits Bandai released for the show.

I do hope that when we get the Universal booster expansion pack (so the Build Strike can become the Star Build Strike) that those of us in Japan, do not have to pay a ridiculous price for it.

Even tho the pictures below are of those of the painted prototype of the kit, the detail work is still amazing and I am glad to see that they are going back to having more color separation in the armor pieces.  In some areas, I think it outmatches the MG in terms of detail of the kit itself, having only built that quite a few months ago.

It looks like they actually completely re-did the backpack and not just re-use the high grade build booster and added more detail to it.  Hopefully there are some more features of the backpack than the HG or MG, since that was my least favorite part.



What do you guys think?  Will we get a P-Bandai version of the Universal booster, will it come in Gundam Ace / Hobby Japan, or will we get a completely separate release all together?  Let me know in the comments and vote in the poll!

Enjoy the pictures and until next time,  Keep Building and Keep Playing.


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