New Gundam Campaign!

Bandai has revealed a new Gunpla Campaign on the Bandai Hobby Site!   This one is regarding the Master Grade HD builders parts!



buildersHD21 buildersHD31

Here are the rules from the website, translated with Google Translate.  So please excuse any mistranslation or errors. I will update when more information becomes available!

■ giveaway
Pafekutokara special set Gunpla (manufacturer: GSI Creos)
The set includes a measuring cup with a pour one mouth two compressors
● one ● 15 ● Color Gundam thinner set color (s)
● 1 ● airbrush and airbrush stand one case only one

■ publisher lottery
after the end of the period, due to a strict lottery determines the winner. Announcement of the winners, you will be returned with the shipment of the prize.

■ Note on the application is valid only for your submissions in this campaign dedicated postcard
● The opening one single postcard application, you can apply what any one person mouth.
● Applicants postage fee will be paid by the applicant like us.
● I will limit it to the person in question has the right to win.
● transfer of title, such as winning is not possible.
● delivery of the prize is limited to address Japan, winner of the individual.
Also, if there are deficiencies in the content submitted here is unknown or if the new address, it will be considered as invalid on the election.
● subject to change without notice the specifications of the prize.

■ giveaway shipping
shipping schedule sequentially from the beginning of February 2012