Nu Gundam Ver. Ka has a release date!


I am currently writing this on my way home from Washington D.C. and the internet on the train is quite slow.  Reminds of the 56k days…Anyways, awesome news…Nu Gundam Ver. Ka has an official release date!

[tries to upload pictures…]

The slow internet isn’t allowing me to upload any pictures.   I’ll be able to upload the pictures in a few hours.   I would say 12:00am EST maximum, so look forward to the pictures!!

But the release date is 12/15/2012!!    Sooo who has him on preorder? and from where?

Sadly I shall have to wait to get him as Christmas is coming up…So presents for relatives and such… and I just got a lot of Gundams HG’s, SD’s and RG’s for the website.

So look forward for a preview of everything that is coming up!!   I will be posting an older review from when I got the idea to do this website for my custom SD 00 QAN[T] so look forward to that!

EDIT:  I do apologize everyone!! I feel asleep as soon as I got home…as I had to take another train to get home then a car ride…to make up for it I have pics as well of the Psycho-frame runner for Nu Gundam!! 

Source for the Pycho-Frame: Hobby workshop blog Kobayan