RE/100 1/100 VIGNA-GHINA Released!

Bandai just updated there website to reflect the new date of the RE/100 1/100 VIGNA-GHINA.

The original date was June 23rd as you can see in the promotional material, but then the kit just released today in Japan!  The kit is going for ¥3,200 without tax in Japan.

RE:100 1:100 VIGNA-GHINA

RE:100 1:100 VIGNA-GHINA

Below is the Google Translate of the description that is on the official Bandai page.

From “Mobile Suit Gundam F91” Beginner · Gina becomes three-dimensional in RE / 100 format!
■ High density detail, proportion is consid- ered conspicuously with “MG Gundam F91 Ver. 2.0” and pursues a beautiful form composed mainly of curved surfaces!
■ The “Crossbone · Vanguard” mark on the head is reproduced with a marking sticker, and two types of cockpit hatches are included!
■ Marking of the head and reproduce both states together with the seal!
■ The calf duct moves in conjunction with the knee joint, realizing deep bending without destroying the aircraft design!
■ Featured 8 fin nozzles can move independently!
■ Abundant arms are attached, beam shield is reproduced with clear molding!

It comes with the following:

  • Beam rifle × 1
  • Beam Shield × 1
  • Beam launcher × 1
  • Beam · saber × 2
  • Cockpit hatch reproduction parts after repair × 1
  • Foil stickers x 1
  • Decals x 1

You can buy it from the sites below!

USA Gundam Store | Gundam Planet | Hobby Link Japan