3rd Party Joy-cons, 5 Months later

So back in August 2017, I had the privilege to acquire the clear 3rd Party joy-cons from the site Alibaba.  They arrived quite quickly and then got to work on actually replacing the shells.

After some trial and error (while breaking, then replacing one of the joy-cons ),  I “successfully” put them together.

I say “successfully” because I also broke the back of the clear joy-con as well as the joy-con itself.    The joy-con was salvaged by putting the neon red back on the clear controller.  While doing this, the screws were stripped because of horrible quality of the tri-wing screwdriver that came with the set.

The clear joy-cons were done quite well with only some errors here and there, but the clear looks amazing.    I used them exclusively until I saw BASSTOP was selling them on Amazon with Prime shipping.   I then picked up the Atomic Purple full set and the 62-in-1 Precision Screwdriver Set.   This set of bits is made incredibly well and works beautifully on everything that I that I use these for, not just the joy-cons.

I installed the Atomic Purple set and the quality of these 3rd Party Joy-cons was actually better quality than the clear ones I received earlier.

Fast forward to now where I just installed the new joy-con d-pad shell.   It replaces the four buttons on the left joy-con with a d-pad that would be at home on any Nintendo console. 

I have been playing with a few 3rd party joy-cons for the past 5 months and really have had no issues with durability, comfortability, or usability.

The d-pad joy-con shells come with new clear buttons for SR and the SL buttons on the side of the Joy-con.  That is a great addition to the replacement shells.

If you are on the fence about these, I would definitely say just go for it.  Just take your time and watch the tutorial youtube videos they come with a few times before starting.

The hardest one to do is the Joy-con with the infrared sensor.   Just take your time and do not rush.

Below is my newest video, which is a timelapse of the Instagram live stream where I installed the 3rd Party Joy-con d-pad shells.

Are you using these 3rd Party Joy-cons?  What are your experiences with them?