I am now worried about Nintendo President’s quote of “A New Way to Play”

While this is still a rumor, Nintendo Life reported that in the report there is mention of the NX and a newly mentioned handheld codenamed the “MH”. If this is true, the possibility of the NX being a hybrid console has gone to improbability to now almost an impossibility.    My vision of what the NX basically would be like is a Vita that has a micro HDMI dock and can be outputted to TV while you are at home, then when you are going somewhere, disconnect it and go and play the games anywhere without the need for an internet connection or additional monitor.

I for one thought it could be a hybrid console for all the rumored talk that it will not be a successor to the Wii U or 3DS but something completely new and it being as Nintendo President describes “A New Way to Play”. It would be a completely new way to play in terms of how we enjoy our console games, never needing to stop playing because of travel.

My fear is that it is something completely out of nowhere like the Wii U, and that this could be worse this time around because of the fact people are still jaded for the most part because of the console.   Its a great system but it is an underpowered, confused console.  It doesn’t really know what it is except for a few shining highlights that actually show off the promise of it on what it could have been.  I am afraid that the NX will be another Wii U.

Imagine playing the new Zelda the night before, put it down go to sleep, then get up for work grab your NX out of the dock and play on the bus or train on your way to work. Get a dungeon, explore, or w/e. This would be a definite new way to play and it sounds amazing as I sometimes do this on my PS4 / Vita.

I am with hesitant excitement until we actually see what the NX actually is, now more than likely, only being a home console with some sort of gimmick or twist that we haven’t seen before, or that we have just thought of a different way.

Obviously there was never any concrete information of what the NX is, just a lot of rumors, including being a hybrid, and another being it being as powerful if not more powerful than the PS4, as it is uses top of the line chipsets.

There isn’t a day where I do not open my 3DS and play for a few minutes here and there. An article about emulation of 3DS making the games look better than most Wii U.  I would love to see a new handheld that makes 3DS games look like this.   My Wii U on the other hand, I moved around a month ago an have unpacked literally everything else besides the Wii U. That is still in bubble wrap in my closet with Twilight Princess HD disc in the drive.

I am actually in the process of making a custom New 3DS that will definitely change the way I play my own 3DS. Just I am quite interested on what Nintendo has in store for us with the NX and the MH, and that excitement has inspired me to do this.

What do you guys think?