MG 1/100 QAN[T] Full Saber Preorders Start 6/20!

Bandai tweeted out a few days ago that pre-orders for the Master Grade QAN[T] Full Saber will be up tomorrow!

This is another P-Bandai kit that will have a limited release in North America like the previous releases.   Are you looking forward to this?

Translated text:
[Reservation start from June 20] MG 1/100 Double oak-tough saber [full] with the GN Sword of gimmick Ⅳ, now, a new mission start!! ※ Some shops do not make reservations. The ※ hobby site does not accept reservations.

MG QAN[T] Full Saber MG QAN[T] Full Saber MG QAN[T] Full Saber