Perfect Grade Unicorn Gundam Announced!

Yes you read correctly! Among many rumors and doubts earlier this year that we would see it at the Shizuoka Hobby Show, it is finally officially announced! When it was not shown at Shizuoka, many dismissed it as “wishful thinking” and Bandai has stopped making huge gigantic kits.

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While they could have been planned to have it shown at the show but then stopped at the last second. This kind of announcement would have stole the show and overshadowed the Nightingale as well as the other kits that were announced.

Bandai might not have sold as many as it did since it could have caused people to save their money and wait. Those people would have been correct to wait since it really is a Perfect Grade from all the details that have been shown. Lets get straight to them, shall we?

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GUNPLA: Perfect Grade RX-0 Unicorn Gundam
Price: 20,000¥ / $183 / 112£ (All prices are taken from the Japanese MSRP without tax)
Release Date: December 2014

Height: 361mm / 15 inches

4x Beam Sabers
2x Beam Machine Guns
1x Beam Magnum with Ammo
1x Beam Bazooka
1x Shield

The Unicorn’s horn will have gold on the inside so when it transforms it will look amazing. Not sure if it is going to be gold chrome plated or how it will be produced. Just that Bandai says in the brochure that it will look “beautiful”.

The Unicorn’s mask will flip up and tuck inside the head just like in the animation.

The Psycho Frame will be a red psycho frame that will glow under a black light.

An LED Set will be sold seperately for 12,000¥ / $110 / 68£ (All prices are taken from the Japanese MSRP without tax)

The LED set is meant as a replacement to the Psycho frame. Not sure if that means that if you decide to get it later you will be able to disassemble the Unicorn and replace the Psycho frame easily, or before you build you need to decide which to use much like the clear parts on previous Perfect grade kits.

It will have a switch that will have modes for you to choose. The modes that were revealed were:

(Titles are not official, it is my own interpretation of what they do)

Start up: Unicorn Gundams Eyes light up, then in an animated (possible, not confirmed)light sequence like in the show the psycho frame lights up.

Automatic: Unicorn Gundam will automatically and randomly turn on the the LED’s

Static: The LED’s are just turned on. This is not a confirmed mode but it is a good chance of it being included for those who just want the LED’s on with no animation.

We might have this amazing kit in the shop if enough interest is shown! Please let us know in the comments below if you are interested! We do not know the size of the box so we cannot give a shipping quote.

Until the next time,

– Steven